All her life, Leslie has had a love for animals. Beginning with Callie (the calico kittie) during her teen years, to Thumper, who moved with her all over the country while she was building her career, to the two cats and two dogs she currently shares her life with.

Johann, Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy are the May family 'fur kids' and play a very important part in Leslie's business and personal life.

Leslie spends the majority of her time helping small to medium sized pet businesses worldwide with their marketing needs through her company, Pawsible Marketing. She has always had a passion for charitable work, as well. And is generous with her time and money, providing assistance to shelters and rescue groups throughout the country by helping them highlight dogs that need a furever family through her blog, Rescue Me; and also by donating 10% of the profits from Johann The Dog to no-kill shelters and rescues.

After adopting Johann in 2004, she began a new passion - dog agility. Johann started training in agility in June of 2005 and began competing at the end of that year, garnering an amazing three 1st and one 2nd place in seven of his runs that weekend. And so began their agility addiction.

Now Johann is an accomplished agility dog, and his sister Gracie, who was adopted in 2006, has also started competing in agility. Leslie enjoys teaching both of them the skills needed to tackle the course, as well as many tricks and fun games. Gracie also entertains children at birthday parties on occasion.

Wolfie and Wiggy, the feisty, active, family kitties, round out the family 'fur kids,' providing amazing companionship for Leslie, Johann and Gracie.

Leslie also has a passion for green living. Being raised in a green, eco-friendly and environmentally conscious family, she learned early on the importance of eating well and the effects of living life with the environment. This led her to begin,, one of the websites that are part of Johann The Dog.

Through RaiseAGreenDog, Leslie (and Johann) have been able to help dogs and dog lovers all over the country learn how they can help their pup go green for a healthier, happier lifestyle, while helping the environment at the same time.

Leslie also enjoys gardening, yoga, hiking with the pups, playing her flute on occasion, and spending time reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.